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How Long Should I Hire Elopement Photographers


This is such a great resource for helping folks determine how much coverage they need! It’s definitely not a really long photo shoot.

Such great info to consider when booking your elopement photographer, and it looks like you’ve been to some pretty incredible places. The snowy photo with the ice chunk was so cool!!

This is such a good resource. Love how you emphasize that eloping can actually be MORE intentional than a traditional wedding, and that that means there’s so many more intimate important moments to document. I feel like you cover all the biggest foundational topics when it comes to timing the amount of photo coverage and things to consider when eloping. So much goodness here!

So helpful! thank you so much for writing a resource on the time you need for elopement photography. It goes by so quickly!

Thank you for this information and informing all who read your blog!!

This is so informative and I feel like I learned so much in understanding!

I truly regret not booking our photographer for longer for our own elopement, great advice.

Not only is this spot-on, but the photos you have here are absolutely incredible!

I just love the breakdown of what entails in an elopement day and it’s not all about the pictures. You made it super easy for couples to determine what experience they would like and the photographer to document the day!

Such a great resource for couples and so helpful for making an informed decision. Thanks for sharing!