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Elopement First Look Explained


This is such a great resource! I really loved all of the photos to really show all the different examples of how a first look could look! Every couple should read this before deciding on if they would like to do a first look!

I LOOOOVEEEE first looks! The anticipation is so exciting and emotional. I love how you explained the meaning and symbolism behind a first look. And you had so many photos to go along with it which truly made it all come to life!! I freaking love this post!

Such good advice for couples and elopement photographers alike! Just because you elope doesn’t mean you can’t experience a first look <3

All of these are super sweet and amazing captures– I especially love that photo with the deer in the background!!! <3

I love all these places, in city we don’t have that scenarios. Lot of snow in your pics that made want to be there. You give so useful information for bride. I love shooting first looks is a very emotional part of an elopement or wedding.

Really insightful look into first-looks. It’s a really great way to incorporate a lot of meaning into your elopement and add another touch of intimacy.

These photos are all so sweet! First looks are so special and can be so integral to a wedding day

The reactions and emotions you captured during this first looks are adorable! I always love the moment when a bride and groom see each other for the first time at their wedding day and I am sure after your blog post every couple is convinced to do a first look!

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