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Anna & Zack’s Adventurous Photoshoot in Iceland


[…] was wonderful. The bright and magnetic chemistry between them truly inspired us, along with their adventurous spirits.  We did not want to stop photographing […]

[…] The thing we love about elopements is that you can make it however you want it to be.  Lynda and Melvin each said their own vows to one another the day before because they wanted that moment to only be between the two of them.  We loved that idea and are so happy that they made their elopement their own and did it their way. The next day after their private vow ceremony, Lynda & Melvin met us at Garden Of The Gods in their elopement attire to celebrate their marriage. It was a perfect day with cooperating weather and a spectacular sunset.  We even had finished the shoot, but the sunset just became increasingly more and more gorgeous. It was too dreamy to leave so we turned our cameras back on for more magic! […]

[…] entirely different.  Returning to our starting point, we were met with a similar landscape, yet so completely different. It reminded us that if one stays patient and consistent, the skies will ultimately open up and […]

[…] Elise and Kyle’s Garden of the Gods elopement is one of the best things we’ve ever gotten to photograph.  It had been raining all day in Colorado Springs. The weather forecast showed a likelihood of even more rain during our shoot.  A lot of people might think they don’t want rain during a photography session, but it can actually do wonders for your elopement! Take this Garden of the Gods elopement for example.  The moisture accentuated and greatly enhanced the rich reds in the rocks. The greens gave off fluorescent marshy, moss-vibes. The grey and white clouds filtered the cleanest and most beautiful light from above.  It all came to life when Elise and Kyle exchanged vows. It felt like being in an enchanted and magical kingdom! […]